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Greatest Hits: Summer Edition

Represent.US + Motiv Creative
Honest Political Ad – Gil Fulbright For Senate

+250k Views on YouTube
+$100k Raised on Indigogo

Featured on:
The Today Show, CNN, Fox News, Mashable,  USA Today, TIME, The Daily Beast, Huff Post, + more



Pitchfork + Jim Beam + The Shed BK

NIGHTCAP | A Live Music Series

Featured on AdWeek
Showcasing live music from Chicago, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, + New Orleans
Music by: Majical Cloudz, Dutch E Germ, + more

Dev Bootcamp + Ratchet Labs
Made @ DBC | Web Video Series

Original series documenting the work of DBC graduate application design + development.
Featured across the web + series extended beyond NYC to Chicago + San Francisco.

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 Good friends lol at yr standup but yr bffs pretend to laugh at yr sitdown-in-the-grass #tbt  Thx 4 all the ✌️n  n ❄️ n  n  n  n  n  n  n 🤣's, Denver. You get me.
 When I die plz make sure no oysters are present but def fill the casket w/ frozémonade #slushyboyz  Lol lots o lines on lines oh ⛔️  #edibles
 Back in INDY  Fuelin' up on #tbts ✌️ Still have a few wallet-size senior pics up for grabs if anyone's interested   Redesigned the logo, labels + website for @empire_apothecary ⚗️ We went through 9268473 iterations and a pallet of printer cartridges in the process. Whatchyathink? 🤔#labeldesign #logodesign #webdesign #empireapothecary
 It's official! Summer 2017 will mark the return of the #turntabletar - available for sale for the 1st time. Regardless of what @getcarld tells ya! #futureofdjing #djguitar  A few months ago we did our 1st #HappyHourLIVE show at Over the Eight. Shortly after, we learned the bar would be closing at the end of the year, but we kept doing it. Tonight we go live one last time for our final show with some of the best peeps and ho man it's been a bender but cheers to y'all who have come out and been part of it