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Greatest Hits: Summer Edition

Represent.US + Motiv Creative
Honest Political Ad – Gil Fulbright For Senate

+650k Views on YouTube
+$250k Raised on Indigogo

Featured on:
CBS Sunday Morning, The Today Show, CNN, Fox News, Mashable,  USA Today, TIME, The Daily Beast, Huff Post, + more



Pitchfork + Jim Beam + The Shed BK

NIGHTCAP | A Live Music Series

Featured on AdWeek
Showcasing live music from Chicago, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, + New Orleans
Music by: Majical Cloudz, Dutch E Germ, + more

Dev Bootcamp + Ratchet Labs
Made @ DBC | Web Video Series

Original series documenting the work of DBC graduate application design + development.
Featured across the web + series extended beyond NYC to Chicago + San Francisco.

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 KEYAY! If youda told me then that some 12 odd years later, on the other side of the pool, you’d be the 1st one gettin married, I woulda been like yea ok that sounds about right  Who’s rdy to 🤖? (: @willhubb, OG caption ‘don’t vote democrat’) #tbt❤️ #fbf  Wow you should rly come see @grits.theband tom at #DegrawFest - it’s an event the NYTimes is calling ‘a thing that’s happening this weekend’
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 Startin to regret signing up for that Mario Kart Adopt-A-Highway program #tbt #thisshitisbananas  Plz don’t talk to me or my family ever again #indy500 #snakepit #letsGO (: @getcarld)