Hi! I’m Zaq.



I <3 the Internet + making things. 

When I was 10 I got my 1st video camera and MIDI keyboard and shot and produced my 1st segment– an infomercial hosted by two peculiar young salesmen in wildly oversized clothing, hawking fake watches on a late-night edition of QVC. Like Little Rascals meets In Living Color. And the beginning of not only what I’m sure would be a wildly interesting book about my life, but of my career as an (unpaid) writer and producer with a playful approach and an interest in creating content that makes people laugh 🙂

Since then, I’ve almost grown into my JNCO’s, while the Internet has grown to become what it is today. As an artist, my practice focuses on the intersection of technology and popular culture and exploring the extent to which the way we communicate has changed within my lifetime. As a producer and content creator, I help brands and companies invent new ways to create experiences and tell stories that move people.

In 2012, I received my Master’s from a magical place called ITP – The Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

To say hello or talk shop, the best way to get in touch is to email me at zaquerie@gmail.com or call/text 317.250.5903.

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