I have nothing to say and I am saying it and that is poetry.

John Cage

Hey, good lookin’. Thanks for cruising by my blog ūüėČ

Pandas & Pinafores has gone under the knife a few times over the years. But this time, we¬†gutted ‘er.¬†In the name of the Revolution.

¬†Posts from the past stripped of their tags,¬†unplugged and¬†piled up out back,¬†startin’ to stink, but we don’t care. We drive Cadillacs in our sorry I’ll stop.


Welcome to the new Pandas & Pinafores. 

This is where I talk about art and the Internet and pop culture and post my work.

And you look and listen and sometimes talk back.

But we all laugh and dance and get along and love each and bask in the pre-dawn haze of the Singularity.


All is not lost. Each week I’ll post a throwback video, design, song, thought-piece; whatever.

Sometimes I post about my work-in-progress.

I also tend to post my own clippings or press about projects I’ve worked on.

Stay tuned for more..

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